EVHV Cable with connector 0015

General Information

  • Cable material: Copper / aluminum / Material according to customer requirements
  • Color, cable length: According to customer requirements
  • Insulating materials: Rubber, silica, PE, PVC,…
  • Connector Type: Amphenol/TYCO/DELPHI/Deutsch/Sumitomo/FCI….
  • High voltage cables: wire harness can be UL/CSA,CE, VDE,SAA,CB etc;…
  • Certification: RoHS, ISO9001

Product Feature

High current carrying capacity:

EVHV CABLE can carry up to 4000A of current, meeting the needs of fast charging for current electric vehicles.

Electrical leakage protection:

EVHV CABLE is designed with thick insulation layers to prevent electrical leakage.

High temperature resistance:

EVHV CABLE can withstand high temperatures, ensuring safety during operation..

Fire resistance:

EVHV CABLE is made of fire-resistant materials, helping to reduce the risk of fire in the event of an acciden


Compact size:

EVHV CABLE has a compact size, helping to save installation space

Easy to install:

EVHV CABLE is easy to install, helping to reduce installation costs.

Long lifespan:

EVHV CABLE is made of high-quality materials with a lifespan of up to 25 years.


We are specialized in copper and aluminium busbar that is applied in battery, energy storage system & electric vehicles.
Electric vehicles like hybrid battery car, electric golf car, electric logistic vehicle, electric bus, high-speed rail, electric forklift etc.
We supply directly to many battery pack companies and energy storage companies like solar energy household storage projects in UK, Americal, Australia etc. offering solutions for their battery connecting. They use both flexible and solid copper busbar to meet different design and application requirments.


EVHV CABLE is used to transmit electricity from the power source to public electric vehicle charging stations, home electric vehicle charging stations, and create mobile electric vehicle charging systems. These charging stations are often located in public areas, such as shopping malls, train stations, airports, etc..

Electric car

Electric Golf Cart

Charging Pile

UPS Center

Outdoor Distribution Box

Electric Forklift

Electric Logistics Vehicle

Power Battery Pack

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